Carbon Technologies

It is a simple statement but one that truly defines Carbon's dedication and belief in training. Customers who miss the opportunity to train are setting themselves up to be left behind in this ever changing high technology marketplace. Providing our customers with the latest information and effective skills makes them more productive, proficient, and efficient. Through these benefits, they are able to better use the tools of the trade and in the end produce better results quicker.

Mastery is achieved with practice. Practice requires training from masters who can convey not only the information, but also the ability to become more successful and understand the problem. All tasks are accomplished not with a solution, but with a proper understanding of the problem. It is through this understanding that a solution emerges.

Carbon's focus is on the student. Questions are encouraged. Customization of class material is encouraged. Classes can and will go off on a tangent to investigate and provide resolution to student questions or specific deployment challenges. We recognize that all learners are different and it is our mission to provide the best training experience for each student.

From Adobe applications to IT training, Carbon believes in training that provides real world experiences, not a Pretend Co. example that glosses over a topic. Customers don't want marketing terms and idealistic examples of use. Our customers demand training the prepares them for practical and expected use. Creating fictitious ideal settings in the training room does not translate to the dynamic and challenging world of live deployment. To truly understand a technology, it needs to be ripped apart and studied at its core. Therein lies the heart of our commitment to training. Carbon Core Training.