Carbon Technologies

Welcome to Carbon Core Training. Core Training is a collection of training classes in Adobe CS 5.5, OS X, OS X Server, and OS X Technologies that focus on real world scenarios and needs. These classes are not based on instructional manuals heavily influenced by marketing departments. The classes provide realistic scenarios of common problems and challenges faced by our customers. Course materials and exercises are designed around real world experiences from over a decade of supporting design and Apple deployments. There is no "Pretend Co" in our training.

Carbon's Adobe CS 5.5 classes focus on the features that improve workflow, organization, and comprehension of the toolset. Professional designers are more effective when they are organized and confident with their tools. These classes are developed with our customers in mind. Our most effective class is the custom curriculum class designed by you, the student. Custom classes allow Carbon to provide targeted training to the needs of each group, not boilerplate training that teaches to the median.

Core Training for Information Technology provides in depth training on individual topics. Core Training is NOT Apple authorized training. If you want to pass certification tests, go to an Apple authorized training center. If you want to truly understand the technology and learn how to use it in real world deployments with practical and realistic application, then Core Training is your single destination for OS X and OS X Server training. Functioning outside of Apple blessed training allows us to be critical of the toolset and delve deep into issues of compatibility and functionality. In addition, the ability to focus on single functional areas offers students an immersive experience that provides a complete understanding of a technology component, not a smattering of facts about twenty.

Go beyond the textbook with Core Training.

Custom Classes

Custom classes are available to groups of four or more students. Our trainers will work with our customers to design a curriculum that fits the precise needs of the students. No fluff. No text book rhetoric. Custom classes focus on the topics you want to know. Contact your sales representative for details and availability. Custom classes are available for both Adobe CS 5.5 and OS X. Custom classes may require a lead time of up to four weeks for content creation.

Training Credits

Customers can purchase organizational training credits. Beginning in 2009, annual contract customers will have training credits built into the contract. Use the credits any time throughout the year for any class. Carbon's goal is to provide training to all customers, making them more productive and capable.

Scheduling and Availability

Please call our training coordinators for class schedules and availability at 908-696-9140 x18. Don't see what you want to learn? Call and ask if we can build a class around your needs.