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Do you manage 10 Macs? 100? Getting tired of setting preferences by hand? Confused by Apple's user template system? iPrefer is the answer to your needs, allowing GUI based customization of the User Template preferences.

iPrefer is a great compliment to system imaging tools such as Apple System Restore (ASR), Apple's NetInstall, or Carbon Copy Cloner and NetRestore. iPrefer simplifies the user template customization process to make system imaging even more powerful and streamlined. Simply drag and drop predefined preferences into iPrefer and build the template. No need to use Terminal. No need to know Unix commands (although you should). No need to hand customize each machine during setup.

iPrefer is for Mac System Administrators responsible for large numbers of Macs. iPrefer takes a complex task and makes it one click simple. If you are a Mac System Administrator and you want an easy way to customize the User Template folder, iPrefer is the tool for you.


How To Use

iPrefer is a simple tool that modifies the Preferences folder of the English User Template. As the admin, simply define your preferences by running each application and defining the default settings you want your users to see. Next, launch iPrefer and drag the plist files or preference folders into iPrefer's list view. Press the Build Template folder and you are done. Simple, easy, and it saves time!
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.x. English. PPC or Intel.

License: Please read the full license enclosed with the application. But, to keep is simple, iPrefer is free to use and distribute. Feedback is welcome. Not liable for any damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can iPrefer be used on templates other than English?
Currently no. The application modifies the en.lproj folder only. Carbon would love to make this a localized application so if you have some interest in helping, please contact us.

Can iPrefer add preferences to already existing accounts?

No. iPrefer modifies the English user template only. Only new accounts will benefit from the changes made to the template. That is why it is important to use iPrefer before deployment and account creation.

Can iPrefer customize other parts of the User Template?
No. iPrefer is designed to modify the Preferences folder only. Carbon has a more full featured product in production that will allow the customization of the entire User Template but it is not ready for release just yet.

Can all preference files be copied to the User Template folder?

No. Some applications use absolute paths when defining folder paths. For example, Internet Explorer sets the download path as /Users/username/Desktop. Obviously, if username_other is using this preference file, he will not be able to download anything because of a permission error. Some preference files can be customized to use ~/ instead of /Users. Testing will help you figure out which ones. Although, we will hint that iPhoto and iTunes are culprits as well.