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Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Data Replication:
The Data Replication service provides secure, incremental, daily replication of all your vital data. Data Replication runs once a day during off peak hours and produces a synchronized data set in our secure data center. More frequent replications are available upon request.

In the event of primary system failure, employees can connect directly to the off-site replica or a Carbon technician can deliver and deploy the storage unit to a location of your choice, minimizing the downtime produced from a component, device, or location failure.

For an extra level of redundancy for Mac networks, Carbon can also replicate your Open Directory information to allow for user, group, MCX, and password replication to a remote Open Directory Replica. In the event of a failure of the location or server, the remote replica can be promoted to a master and service can be restored quickly and painlessly. Customers interested in Directory and Data replication must have a VPN and provide collocated hardware. Directory replication requires a dedicated server on the remote side.

In addition to the replication service, the VPN provides a direct, secure extension of your network to our data center. The equipment at the data center is simply an extension of your network, allowing Carbon to provide remote monitoring, service, and troubleshooting. This feature can reduce the number of on-site service calls by allowing us to service your servers and workstations remotely.

In the event of primary system failure, the primary server and the storage unit can be relocated to the customers location of choice, elevated to an Open Directory Master, and services will resume as normal. Please call us for details regarding storage packages that best serve your business requirements.

Pricing starts at $99/month storage sets < 100 GB and average daily transfers of 3 GB. Call to discuss your data needs.

Replicated Data Archiving:
Adding yet another level of data integrity, Carbon can provide daily incremental tape backups of your replicated data. This service, disk to remote disk to remote tape, allows for the remote data store to be archived to tape, providing snapshots of daily changes to your data. In the event of a location failure, this service provides the security and accessibility of old data, not just current data

Pricing starts at $150 per tape. Call to discuss your data needs.

Offsite Tape Storage and Tape Rotation:
Who better to manage your on site tape backup than the people that know your environment? Carbon's level of service to our customers make us intimately knowledgeable with every aspect of your data, from creation to archive to restore. In many cases we are already managing your tape archive, ensuring proper backup and performing restorations. Take your in-house tape solution to the next step and allow Carbon to store the media in a secure offsite location. A service technician will stop once a week and provide tape rotation and removal services. The media will be stored in a fire and water safe environment, ensuring the integrity of the media.

Pricing starts at $150/week. Call to discuss your data needs.

Emergency Office:
In addition to providing data replication services, Carbon is also prepared to provide customers with a maintained emergency office. This service provides fully configured eMac workstations matching the customer's system configuration. Coupled with data replication services, this service permits a select group of employees to use our office space to continue business operations until a replacement office can be procured. Space is limited and service contracts are available to ensure priority access.

Hardware Options
Storage Rental
Customers not interested in purchasing hardware for colocation can rent space from our data center. Carbon provides drive level redundancy for all customer data stores on our mutli-terabyte data cluster. Customer data is isolated for security and privacy on dedicated volumes. However, in the event of a failure of your primary location, the data will need to be transfered to a storage device supplied by the customer, as Carbon will not be able to relocate devices from our data center.

Over time, colocation is the most cost effective option for off-site replication. Customers supply their own storage units, complying with our data center requirements, and can claim the devices back at any time. All of our services are available under the colocation hardware plan. The primary advantage is that the equipment is your property and re-occurring monthly fees are avoided. In the event of primary system failure, the customer can choose to connect to our location or to have the storage unit delivered to a location of choice. Delivery of the data center is guaranteed to occur within 24 hours or less for customers within our driving range or by next day courier if the location is beyond our operational range.

Initial Setup
All data replication plans are subject to an initial setup fee. The fee includes on-site data replication for the first time, setup in our data center, script generation and monitoring setup.