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The currency of any modern business is data.

The currency of modern business is data. Yet, data is often only considered when it has been lost. While modern data centers have built in levels of redundancy such as RAID and tape archive, these levels of redundancy still exist in one place, the data center. So, what happens when the data center doesn't exist anymore? Instituting a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) before a disaster occurs allows businesses to answer the question, if I were to lose my data today, how would I operate tomorrow?

Disaster planning is not the only concern for the integrity of your data. Many companies are required to be compliant with Sarbanes Oxley. These requirements can place heavy demands on your business and the availability of your data.

Carbon Technologies' Carbon's Copy provides a number of services to ensure the integrity, redundancy, and availability of the most critical asset of your business, its data. We specialize in Macintosh data replication, ensuring the capture of both resource and data forks. Our dedication to the Macintosh community also makes us aware of the high demand for data capacity that is related to creative businesses. And finally, all data synchronizations are conducted over an encrypted connection or via a dedicated VPN to your office.

From 10 MB to 10 TB, we can meet your replication and disaster planning needs. Your data is synchronized during off peak hours to decrease the load on your network when you need it most, during the business day.

Please review our service offerings as Carbon is eager to help customize a tailored solution to the individual needs of our customers.

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