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Corporate Macintosh Integration - Our specialty is integrating Apple systems and solutions into existing corporate networks. Pockets of Apples exist in nearly every Fortune 100 company, but the internal IT department often lacks the knowledge or experience to properly manage and maintain these systems. Carbon has extensive experience working with corporate IT to address the unique challenges and needs of Macintosh workgroups. From Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange to Active Directory Integration, we have already implemented the solution.

Technology Planning and Deployment - Small businesses need objective, realistic technology planning to function smoothly and remain competitive. Carbon provides this type of partnership to businesses of any size. We provide clear and realistic roadmaps to help your business grow to reach its greatest potential.

Continuity of Operations Planning - Data is the currency of modern business™. No business should be without a plan for the continuance of business when faced with disaster. Carbon provides a number of services to ensure the integrity, redundancy, and reliability of the most critical asset of your business, its data. From a comprehensive data integrity analysis to off-site replication of your most vital information, Carbon is there to make sure your data is safe.
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Network Design and Installation
- Carbon Technologies understands the demands of a modern Macintosh network. Carbon follows a strict policy of providing the highest quality, highest speed, highest efficiency networks possible. Partnering with Extreme Networks allows Carbon to deploy fast and reliable networks, capable of handling the needs of a demanding Macintosh workgroup, today and tomorrow.

SAN Planning, Installation, and Asset Managment - A constant of businesses today is the exponential growth of data. As storage needs continue to place demands on your business, managing the data becomes a continuing challenge. Apple’s XSan opens new doors for Macintosh workgroups, allowing pooling and virtualized data stores. Yet, with all this storage, if you can’t find what you are looking for, it is the same as if the files never existed.

Training - Any tool is only useful in the hands of a skilled craftsman. Computers are the tools you use to meet the demanding and ever-changing needs of your business. Keep your employees at the top of their game with effective training. Carbon Technologies can provide training for everything from the Adobe Suite of products to OS X Server Administration. Failure to train is training to fail.

Font Cleaning - Quark quiting? Unexplained system performance? Ask yourself one question. Where did your fonts come from? Fonts are the number one cause of odd system behavior. Yet, most users pay no attention to them. There are TrueType, Postscript, OpenType, Multiple Master, Windows TrueType, and now dfonts. The confusion can be overwhelming. Let Carbon make sense of the alphabet soup of font formats. Carbon takes a systematic approach to font management that eliminates unwanted and unneeded fonts from the system, to free up resources, eliminate confusion, and ensure that the designer is using the right font for the right job.

Application Development & Workflow Automation - Because some solutions can not be found in a shrink wrapped box, Carbon takes the time to understand your workflow and your problem. Using WebObjects, AppleScript Studio, and shell scripting, Carbon can provide unique solutions to overcome any business challenge. We also partner with a number of FileMaker and Web developers to assist our customers in achieving any goal. Tell us your dream and we will make it a reality.

Hosted Service - From web to FTP to streaming video, Carbon can provide fast, reliable hosting of your business data all on the platform of choice, OS X. Apple bundles best of breed services, all capable of enterprise hosting. For customers that lack bandwidth, or who are looking to outsource the management of hosted services, Carbon can provide the hardware, the configuration, and the technical expertise to configure, monitor, and manage your server.