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Introducing Xsan 2 - High Performance Storage Networking


Expand your network horizons with Xsan 2, an enterprise-class storage networking solution that’s surprisingly affordable. Xsan 2 enables multiple computers to concurrently access petabytes of storage on Apple's Xserve RAIDs or Promise Technology's VTrak E-Class RAIDs over a high-speed fibre channel network.

Take full advantage of high-performance 2 or 4 Gb fibre channel storage, whether you’re working in video and film, editing audio, creating effects and motion graphics, hosting podcasts, iCal server data or network home folders.

Today organizations struggle to balance reduced IT budgets, ever-expanding demands on storage infrastructure and new regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley that put even more stringent requirements on maintaining corporate data. Something had to give. Enter Apple, with its second generation enterprise-class SAN solution at a fraction of the price of others.

New features in Xsan 2 include: Spotlight support for instantaneous search capability, MultiSAN for simultaneous access to more than one SAN and a completely redesigned Xsan Admin tool.

Xsan 2 lets you create a storage area network compatible with third-party products, giving you the flexibility to build a SAN that’s right for your organization and maximize the return on your storage investment.

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Apple Introduces Xsan- High Performance Storage Networking