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Apple Releases Mountain Lion - The Evolution is Now

Mountain Lion

Today Apple released the next generation of OS X, version 10.8 Mountain Lion. As always, Carbon Technologies cautions against being the early adopter. Be patient and stay productive. Allow the industry to react to Mountain Lion and respond with updates and patches. Mountain Lion will still be there for you when it makes sense for your business and your workflow.

Mountain Lion is shaping up to be an evolutionary product, enhancing the direction of Lion and exchanging more features with iOS. For our customers who have skipped Lion, you will not even realized you missed it. Mountain Lion looks to polish the rough edges and refine the experience introduced by Lion.

As with all prior releases of OS X, Mountain Lion draws a few more lines in the sand. However, these lines seem a bit more aggressive toward hardware as systems manufactured as recently as 2008 will be dropped from support. Mountain Lion will support the following models only:

- iMac (Mid 2007 or newer)
- MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer)
- MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer)
- Xserve (Early 2009)
- MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer)
- Mac mini (Early 2009 or newer)
- Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)

If you have models slightly older than this, do not fear. The lack of Mountain Lion support does not mean that the devices are dead. Apple will continue to support Lion for at least another year through security and application updates. Please note however, that Apple and Apple developers are becoming very aggressive. Many software products are being released to work only with Apple's latest operating system. We witnessed this during the life of Lion (iBooks Author, Apple Configurator) and expect it to continue with Mountain Lion.

Some notable features of Mountain Lion that all customers should be aware of include:

- Gatekeeper - This is Apple's way of making software safe. However, if you rely on older software, you will need to disable this feature or the software will not run.
- AirPlay Mirroring - If you do not have an Apple TV for your conference room, time to place an order!
- Notification Center - No more struggling with Growl (thank you)
- XSAN 3 - Apple has something big up their sleeve here... just not sure what it is [but having a real server to run it on would be nice...]
- Apple provided tools for producing Podcasts have been removed
- Managed Client OS X (MCX) is depreciated and no tools are available to configure - Embrace Profiles or be left behind

In line with Gatekeeper, Apple is pushing hard to move software distribution to the App Store. This will change how software is purchased and we encourage all customers to look into setting up volume purchasing programs. Failure to do so will greatly fragment your software purchasing and cause a lot of confusion when tracking software purchases. In addition, Mountain Lion will only be available as a download. Apple does not intend to release a USB stick for offline installation.

Carbon remains optimistic that Mountain Lion will continue to build on OS X's legacy of the best Desktop operating system. While we see a number of recent decisions from Apple that introduce doubt into Apple's commitment to content creation and server technologies, Carbon also sees a number of impressive new features in Mountain Lion that will make our customers faster, safer, and more capable.

We are heavily investigating this new release, its benefits, limitations, and compatibility. Carbon will recommend it when the product is ready for the demanding, time sensitive workflows of our customers. For customers who manage their own environments, we strongly urge restraint. Don't be the first to install the product. Your workflow could possibly suffer.

Should you have additional questions or want to discuss a migration plan please do not hesitate to contact your Carbon Field Technician or Gravity Sales Associate. Carbon also plans on providing training and seminars on the features and benefits of Mountain Lion and Mountain Lion Server shortly. Please watch your inbox for details and registration instructions. In addition, with the unification of OS X and iOS, this is a great time to look at MDM solutions for your entire environment. Ask your rep about JAMF and how it can manage all your Macs and iOS devices.

For additional details on Mountain Lion, please visit this page Mountain Lion Feature List.

Customers who purchase a qualifying Macintosh on or after June 11, 2012 can request a Mountain Lion redemption code, allowing the free "purchase" of Mountain Lion. See Apple's Up to Date page for details.

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