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Apple Releases Lion - The Revolution Begins Again


On July 20, 2011, Apple released the next generation of OS X and OS X Server, version 10.7 Lion and Lion Server. As always, Carbon cautions against being the early adopter. Be patient and stay productive. Allow the industry to react to Lion and respond with updates and patches. Lion will still be there for you when it makes sense for your business and your workflow.

As with all prior releases of OS X, Lion draws a few more lines in the sand, not just in hardware but in software also. Here is a brief summary of the considerations surrounding Lion:

• Lion will only install on Intel-based Macintosh systems with 64bit Intel processors
- This excludes all first generation Intel-based laptops and Mac Mini models from 2006 and 2007
• Older PowerPC software will no longer function as the Rosetta translator is no longer included with Lion
- This includes Office 2004, Creative Suite CS3 and before, Quicken, and Freehand (among others)
• Lion Server no longer requires a serial number and the price is greatly reduced ($49)
- How OS X Server Software Maintenance plans will be handled is currently unknown
• The Xsan File System is now included in Lion for no additional fee
- The future of Xsan is currently unknown

Beyond these considerations, Apple is also embracing a new method of distribution and licensing. Lion is not available on physical media (meaning there is no DVD). Access to the update is exclusively through the AppStore. This will pose some significant challenges for low bandwidth environments as well as large installations as the operating system will be around 4 GB in size. In addition, this distribution methods forces in-place upgrades which Carbon cautions against. To help our customers in this transition, Carbon is researching a number of methods to ease access to the installer.

Carbon remains optimistic that Lion will continue to build on the decade long legacy of OS X. While we see a number of recent decisions from Apple that introduce doubt into Apple's commitment to content creation and enterprise, Carbon also sees a number of impressive new features in Lion that will make our customers faster, safer, and more capable.

We are heavily investigating this new release, its benefits, limitations, and compatibility. Carbon will introduce it to our customers when the product is ready for the demanding, time sensitive workflows of our customers. For customers who manage their own environments, we strongly urge restraint. Don't be the first to install the product. Your workflow will suffer.

Customers who purchase a qualifying Macintosh after June 6, 2011 can request a Lion redemption code, allowing the free "purchase" of Lion. See for details.

Should you have additional questions or want to discuss a migration plan please do not hesitate to contact your Carbon Field Technician or Gravity Sales Associate. Carbon also plans on providing training and seminars on the features and benefits of Lion and Lion Server shortly. Please watch your inbox for details and registration instructions.

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